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The Digital Dollar Association (DDA) is committed to promoting sustainable and equitable growth for all stakeholders in the digital currency ecosystem. We prioritize long-term success over short-term gains, and strive for transparency and accountability in all our operations. We believe in investing in employee development and well-being, and supporting initiatives that benefit society as a whole. Our commitment to Coefficient Capitalism drives our efforts to balance revenue and purpose, while always striving to create mutually beneficial agreements that take into account the needs of all parties involved. Through a consensus-based approach, we work to create commitments that promote fairness, cooperation, and long-term success for all in the digital currency ecosystem.

DDA Guidelines

When entering into a commitment, it is essential that all members involved consider each other's interests to ensure that the agreement is mutually beneficial and sustainable over time. Read More

Implementation Phase

Phase 1: Communicate the new guidelines to all members and stakeholders, seeking feedback and comments on the guidelines. 

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Digital Dollar Blockchain intends to lead the Cryptocurrency Industry with a rigerous compliance and regulatory model through audits, insurance, risk management, and disclaimers that are required and published for public confidence.

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